Plurato Sailfin

electric hydrofoil board

Easy to use, the board is designed for beginners as well as experienced water sports enthusiasts.

Plurato Sailfin rises above the surface which results in a sense of flying, and lithium-polymer battery powers the silent, emission free electric motor which is easily operated by the wireless hand controller.

Outstanding design, functionality and materials.

Thanks to its design, Plurato Sailfin can be enjoyed by all ages: standing on the feet, sitting or lying on the chest. For a real surfing experience, a few hours of training should do, everything else depends on the rider’s skills.

Driving direction is controlled by the body, and the battery, which is replaceable, lasts from 60 to 80 minutes, depending on the speed and rider’s weight. To charge the battery which is completely empty, it takes up to 90 minutes'. The board, whose top is covered with an anti-slip sponge, can easily be assembled and taken apart: keel and wings can be separated to facilitate transport.

Battery life: 60-80 min

Battery charging: upt to 90 min

Maximum speed: 35 km/h

Maximum weight of the rider: 120 kg

Different color types

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